About OSCA

Who We Are

Mt Hawthorn OSCA is a family focused centre which strives to meet the need for quality care that is suitable for all children who attend the Centre. The Centre aims to provide a safe, trusting and enjoyable environment which is appropriate for school aged children progressing through the important stages of middle childhood. Staff are supportive of the development of each child and encourage children to build confidence in all areas through the planning of a variety of activities targeting a range of physical, social, and cognitive skills.

A high value is placed on the importance of play. Independence is promoted, and children are given the opportunity to gain a sense of responsibility and express their freedom of choice whilst developing friendships in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

Centre Philosophy:

  1. To promote an environment which is mutually respectful of children, staff and parents and where the confidence and self-esteem of children is nurtured.
  2. To create a responsive and inclusive environment where children’s behaviour is guided in a positive way and where good communication skills are fostered.
  3. To provide a quality service which is warm, safe and friendly and which is responsive to diverse community needs and works to build strong relationships with all stakeholders.
  4. To provide a program of activities which is varied, and considers the diverse needs and interests of children whilst being responsive to child, staff and parent feedback.
  5. To provide an environment and activities which encourage children to initiate and participate in play, and allow the development of physical and social skills, creativity and independence.
  6. To promote balanced and healthy eating through the provision of nutritious, varied and tasty snacks for children.
  7. To provide a service which continues to be relevant and operates within legislative guidelines and is committed to continuous improvement.
  8. To create an environment which is supportive of staff and volunteers, and where there are opportunities for development and growth for both staff and committee members.
  9. Our service endeavors to reflect the Early Years Learning Framework outcomes, My Time Our Place (Being, Belonging, and Becoming). Fulfill the NQF standards and elements and continue to strive towards being nominated an excellent rating.
  10. To endeavour to understand the lives of the children at OSCA as a whole and promote the development of their individual skills and passions.

Our Team

Centre Director

Wilma Gouws

Assistant Centre Director / Education Officer

Bernardine Seow

Assistant Director

Victoria Attard

Administrative Education Assistant

Donna Nalapraya

Mt Hawthorn OSCA is run by a committee of parents. If you would like to find out more or join the committee, please get in touch!

Chairperson – Andrew Griffiths

Deputy Chairperson -Caroline Rusden

Treasurer – Sam Drabble

Secretary – Caroline Blatchford

Members – Kathryn Jennings, Mikel Jurisich, Matthew Stovold

Where We Are


Ph: 0431 815 586

Before School Care
Pre-primary to Year 6

After School Care
Pre-primary – Year 6

Vacation Care

7:30am – 6:00pm
Pre-primary to Year 6