Before School Care Routine

  • When children arrive during BSC they get time to play inside and outside.
  • At 8:30am children from Year 2 and older walk to school. The Year 1s go to class with a staff member at this time.
  • OSCA staff take PP children to their classrooms at 8:45am and sit with them until the teacher starts.

After School Care Routine

  • Parents need to contact us via email, text or phone call if their child will not be attending the ASC session for that day or a period of time. This is very important as once the school bell rings and the children are supposed to come to OSCA, we are responsible for their safety and wellbeing until the parents sign them out in the evening.
  • For the ASC sessions, are located at the Undercroft (next to the BBQ and tiger turf playground)
  • The PP children are collected by our staff at their classroom. They will then walk in a group back to OSCA.
  • The Year 1 and 2 children meet in the common area in the junior school. Once all students have arrived the staff will do the roll call. The senior children Year 3 – 6 will assemble in the Undercover area where the canteen is.  This is where we will serve afternoon tea most days and do a general roll call once all the children arrived.
  • Students who are on the homework list will complete their homework prior to going outside to play.
  • Children play either inside or outside in different areas of the school. If we are not in the Undercroft there will always be a sign on the door saying where on the school grounds, we are.
  • Each child needs to bring their own water bottles to OSCA (as they do for school); it can be filled at the water fountains if it is emptied during the day.
  • We provide sunscreen to all children.  If you child prefers or has a allergy you will have to pack sunscreen in his/her bag.
  • As part of our licencing requirements we provide a balanced and nutritious range of snacks for children.
  • We have a menu for autumn/winter and one for spring summer . Children’s allergy and dietary requirements are taken into account, and an alternative will be provided if they cannot eat what is on the menu on the day.
  • The menus are displayed on the fridge at both settings. Please feel free to have a look at this when you collect your child.
  • We cannot cater for fussy eaters, so if your child does not eat what we offer, we suggest you pack him/ her a bit of extra food for the afternoon.

The Centre encourages parents to avoid sending eggs, peanut butter or other nuts in their children’s lunches, as we have several children who have severe allergies in attendance at the Centre and exposure to these foods could cause an allergic reaction.

  • OSCA provides sunscreen and will make sure children apply sunscreen when they arrive at OSCA and throughout the day.
  • If your child has any sunscreen allergies, please make sure you provide his/her sunscreen. Children have to wear a hat at all times when they are playing outside throughout the year.
  • OSCA education program is well thought through and caters for children’s interests and development stages.
  • OSCA has access to a large play area which is used for basketball, football, cricket and tennis.
  • In addition, the OSCA makes use of several school classrooms for indoor activities.
  • We have a wide variety of sporting, craft, and video/audio equipment.
  • OSCA offers a range of interesting activities and play for children, who are free to choose those of interest to them.
  • We encourage families to talk to the educators about their children’s interests, likes and dislikes to support us with our program.
  • Due to licensing requirements, you must apply for a place in BSC/ASC on an annual basis. Enrolment forms for the following year are normally sent out in October and need to be returned by a set date, usually near the end of November.
  • If you accept a place for your child it is considered a permanent booking; however, you may cancel your place by giving two weeks’ notice in writing. You will be charged for these two weeks.
  • We also offer casual bookings for BSC/ASC sessions, subject to availability. If you would like a casual booking, please call or email the office and we will do our best to assist you. If you book a casual place you will be billed for that session, whether or not you use it.
  • If your child is unable to attend please contact the OSCA via email, phone or our website for notification.
  • During ASC families will incur a penalty fee of $15.00 if they do not let the OSCA office know of their child/ren’s absence before 2:00 pm on the day of absence.
  • If you go on holiday, please advise us well in advance in order for us to mark your child absent for that period.
  • If we are able to on sell your child’s place only during vacation care you will not be charged. When the bus arrives for excursions, we will not be able to wait for children that are late as we need to keep to our time schedule.
  • Payment

  • Our payment method is via iPay.  This electronic payment is done through Hubworks our operating system.  All days booked MUST be paid for.

  • Upon enrollment parents will be asked to provide banking details or credit card details which is part of the enrollment process before a child/ren can start at OSCA.

  • Invoices will come out F/N.  On the same day the payments will be processed through iPay in the office.  Allow around 2 days before it will come out of your nominated account uploaded on Hubworks.

  • Families must pay for all booked care sessions. If your child is sick, going on a play date or the family is going on holiday, you are still liable for the fee for that session.

  • A late penalty fee of $2.00 per minute per child will be added to your account if you do not collect your children before 6:00 pm.

  • Families will not be billed for public holidays during school term if it is one of their normal booked days.
  • OSCA provides the opportunity for children to do homework independently.  The time available varies from 10 – 20 minutes, depending on the day.
  • If you would like your child to complete homework at OSCA please email us so that it can be arranged.
  • Children are responsible for coming to the study area and completing their work.
  • OSCA staff cannot take responsibility for ensuring that work is completed. We will supervise the children and can usually listen to a page or two of reading. It is not possible for one on one sessions to be provided.
  • Parents need to fill out an Extra Curriculum form when their child is going to take part in activities after school.
  • This form will give permission to a specific parent to take a child to the activity after school and sign the child in at OSCA after the activity.
  • OSCA staff cannot walk children to and from Extra Curriculum activities.
  • Please make sure you sign your child in or out of every session on the electronic devises.
  • In case of any emergency we need this information, and it is also a legal requirement that we have to provide to Department of Children’s Services.
  • Children are not allowed to sign themselves in or out even if the parents are standing next to them.  This is a breach of our licence and if we have a licencing officer visit us OSCA will be fined for this breach of our licence requirements.

We have an electronic version of the enrolment forms available. Parents can save the form electronically, add the new program’s signature page to the document, and then email the completed form back to OSCA.

Please fill in all parts of your enrolment form. We are legally unable to accept an incomplete form, and so will return it to you for completion.

After you have sent in your completed enrolment form you will receive a confirmation email, normally within 24 – 48 hours.

As per our enrolment policy, once you have received this confirmation email your booking is final. If you cancel, add or swap days you will still be required to pay for the days you have already booked.

Last minute bookings during Vacation Care will only be accepted if there is space available and an enrolment form has been completed and handed in before your child/ren attend.

Please remember that our opening hours for Vacation Care are 7:30am – 6:00pm. We will only accept children from 7:30am onwards as per our licence requirement.

Mt Hawthorn Out of School Hours Centre Incorporated (OSCA) is a non-profit organisation which employs qualified and caring staff to provide out of school hours care and recreation programs for pre-primary and primary school aged children. OSCA is conveniently located off Killarney St, at the UNDERCROFT.

Excursion Days

Children must be at the centre 20 minutes prior to departure times on excursion days. Please check the daily notice, on the parent information board, for any changes to outing times.


Bookings are essential. Bookings must be made before the last day of term to secure a place for your child. OSCA is a very busy Centre so no guarantee of spaces is made, particularly if forms are handed in late. Bookings cannot be cancelled and must be paid for. We do not have a cancellation policy for VAC, but we can on sell if there is a waiting list.


Staff will confirm your booking via email.

We provide: Nutritious morning and afternoon tea.

Please wear: Comfortable clothing and enclosed footwear. A hat is required at all times. No sleeveless tops are allowed due to sun safety.

Please bring: Cold packed lunch every day and a Water bottle.

Please DO NOT bring: Toys or valuables (Staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage), Spending money, Foods containing nuts and eggs

Vacation Care Fees – Daily (All days booked MUST be paid for)

In-Centre Day              $50.00

Incursion Day              $62.00

Excursion Day             $75.00

Fee increase as of 3 February 2020

In-Centre Day              $52.50

Incursion Day              $64.50

Excursion Day             $77.50

Late Fees

Late fees will be charged if children are not collected by 6pm. $2.00 per minute per child.

Assistance with Fees

You may be eligible for fee assistance through the Family Assistance Office (FAO). Contact FAO on 13 61 50 to assess your eligibility and to obtain Customer Reference Numbers for your family and your child/ren. Our provider number is 407 049 358B.


Our payment method is via iPay.  This electronic payment is done through Hubworks our operating system.  All days booked MUST be paid for.

Upon enrollment parents will be asked to provide banking details or credit card details which is part of the enrolment process before a child/ren can start at OSCA.

Invoices will come out F/N.  On the same day the payments will be processed through iPay in the office.  Allow around 2 days before it will come out of your nominated account uploaded on Hubworks.


Quality Area 3

Our Physical Environment Policies can be downloaded here:

Quality Area 4

Our Staffing Arrangements Policies can be downloaded here: